Similac Sensitive for fussy and gassy babies is amazing. Our pumpkin loves it! I was afraid to

try formula because our baby is breastfeed and had trouble with gassiness from milk products I ate or drank. This was the perfect solution if you are going to try formula for the first time. We haven't had any problems for 3 weeks now.

No fussiness, no gassiness, no spit up:o) You hear all the horror stories about formula and how it affects our babies...well this one has been great! We still breastfeed but supplement with formula. Also, make sure when you go to buy this formula you look for Fussy and Gassy...Similac makes another sensitive formula to reduce spit up. This one has an Orange lable and the other one is more of a pinkish salmon:o)Here's to Happy Eating!

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