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The new Philips Norelco 7140XL shaving system uses Philips core technology to provide the worlds closest rotary shave. Precision Cutting System Ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs and holes to shave the shortest stubble. Patented Reflex Action® System Automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for flexible, smoother shaving. Individually Floating Heads Align the razor-sharp blades closer to your skin for exceptional closeness. Superior Lift & Cut Technology Dual blade system lifts hair to cut comfortably below skin level.

Stainless steel blades for comfortably close shaves. Simply Rinses Clean Quick and easy! Power System Rechargeable cordless/cord for use anywhere. Power LED, Battery Full and Charging LED Indicators. 8-Hour Full Charge for up to 30 minutes or 10 days of cordless shaving. Additional Features: Spring Release, Full-width Trimmer; Automatic Worldwide Voltage; Hair Collection Chamber; Electronic On/Off Switch; Rubber grips; Precision trimmer; Protective Razor Cap, Coil Cord and Cleaning Brush.


  • Precision Cutting System: ultra thin heads with slots to shave long hairs and holes to shave the shortest stubble
  • Superior Lift & Cut Technology: dual blade system lifts hair to cut comfortably below skin level; stainless steel blades for comfortably close shaves
  • Patented Reflex Action Shaving System: automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for flexible, smoother shaving
  • Simply rinses clean under the tap
  • 8 hour charge/30 minute shave time
Customer Reviews

Close Shave5
This razor is so quiet, it sounds like it didn't charge up and the battery is almost dead. Yet, it gives a nice, close shave. It's a lot of razor for the price.Philips Norelco 7110X Cordless Rechargeable Shaver

Nice little Shaver5
This is the second one I have purchased. No problems my son just wanted one.

Runs so quietly it's a pleasure to use, very nice product. Trimmer works great, too.

review from minamina

This past year (2007), I asked my wife for an electric shaver for Christmas . I thought it would help us save water and money. Using blades means I'm constantly rinsing them with hot water between every few strokes, buying new blades every few months, and buying shaving cream. It seemed an electric shaver would pay for itself within a few months.

So my wife purchased me the 8140XL. I didn't ask for a specific model. She thought it seemed like a reasonable choice for me. Not too expensive, not too cheap. Just right for a guy who might decide he doesn't like it.

Out of the box, set up is easy. Just plug the shaver in the base and plug up the base. The unit fully charges in a few hours. Within a few minutes, it's also ready for a quick shave if you're in a hurry. The manual says not to keep it plugged up indefinitely. Charge it, unplug it, then use it until it's about out of power. That apparently is the most efficient use of the battery.

The manual says it's a "fact" that it takes three weeks for your face to adjust to the electric shaver. I would agree. I've been using it for 6 weeks now, and my face definitely feels better after shaving than it used to. It wasn't painful or miserable. But my face took some time getting used to metal heads being rubbed on it.

So, does it shave well? Yes and no. In the goatee zone, it does a wonderful job. Upper lip and chin get a clean, close shave every time. It also does a good job on the cheeks and the sides of my face. Where performance falters is just under my sideburns and my neck.

Under the sideburns, I can't get a precise cut. With a blade, you just place it there and stroke down. Done. With the 8140XL, you keep rubbing and rubbing trying to get the strays. You can try using the beard trimmer on the back of the 8140XL, but it's not made for that kind of fine tuning. Because of this, I keep my old blade by the sink so I can quickly straighten out the shave under the sideburns.

On the neck, the 8140XL just can't seem to get certain hairs. It gets most, but not all. I can only stand so much rubbing on my neck before I give up and use my razor to quickly whack the leftovers.

So that's where am I after 6 weeks: using the electric razor for the first cut, and then using my old razor (sans shaving cream and hot water) to get whatever is left standing. Will it always be like this? Probably, especially under the sideburns. That's not my face "adjusting" to the razor. That's just a shortcoming of the 8140XL (and perhaps all Norelco-style razors). Having said that, however, I will stick with it. I like it. It's quick and easy to use. I can walk around while using it, it saves on water, and I'm no longer buying shaving cream and razors. (For the little bit of trimming I do with my old razor, I can't guess when I would possibly need new razors.)

When you're finished shaving, you just pop open the top with a press of a button and run it under some water to rinse out the hair. The manual says to use hot water for this, but I don't. I just rinse out the big chucks and let it dry. Once a week I'll use the little cleaning brush that comes with it and sweep out the interior.

You're supposed to replace the rotating blades once a year. I obviously haven't reached that point yet and I don't know what it will cost, but I'm hoping it will be reasonable and easy.

If you're looking to start using an electric shaver, I think you could do worse than the 8140XL. I recommend it. But keep your old razor handy. You'll need it for those stubborn hairs.

Similac Sensitive for fussy and gassy babies is amazing. Our pumpkin loves it! I was afraid to

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No fussiness, no gassiness, no spit up:o) You hear all the horror stories about formula and how it affects our babies...well this one has been great! We still breastfeed but supplement with formula. Also, make sure when you go to buy this formula you look for Fussy and Gassy...Similac makes another sensitive formula to reduce spit up. This one has an Orange lable and the other one is more of a pinkish salmon:o)Here's to Happy Eating!

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Automatic charging stand conveniently stores and charges the razor. Precision cutting system

with ultra thin SpeedXL shaving heads - with slots to shave the long hairs and holes to shave the shortest stubble. Patented Reflex Action System automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for flexible, smoother shaving.

Superior Lift and Cut Technology dual blade system lifts hair to cut comfortably below skin level. Stainless steel blades for comfortably close shaves. Individual Floating Heads align the razor-sharp blades close to your skin for exceptional closeness. Shaver simply rinses clean.

Average customer review:

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Similac Advance can help develop both your baby's immune system and brain like breast milk.

Only Similac Advance with DHA and ARA provides both: A patented blend of special breast milk nutrients called nucleotides, which has been clinically shown to help support the development of a baby's immune system like breast milk. What are DHA and ARA? DHA and ARA are fatty acids found in breast milk that are important for brain and eye development. The brain contains a large amount of both DHA and ARA, and the retina contains a large amount of DHA. Other unique benefits you should know about.

Similac Advance provides greater calcium absorption and bone density than the other leading brand to help build strong bones. Like all Similac Infant Formulas, Similac Advance does not contain palm olein oil. This is important, because studies have shown that: Babies fed a formula with palm olein oil as the predominant fat source absorbed less calcium than the same babies fed a formula with no palm olein oil.

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Chi Original 1" Farouk CHI Ceramic Flat Iron Model GF-1001 The CHI can be considered one of

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It's great to use prior to a Dry Haircut. The ceramic coated paddles help prevent scorching hair color and helps reduce styling product build-up. Featuring an extra long swivel cord to prevent tangling, the CHI has a concealed on-off switch inside the handle to prevent accidentally turning the unit off when in use.

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Replacement heads are designed for use with Norelco 8140XL, 9160XL, 8160XLCC, 9170XLCC

Features: SpeedXL Shaving Heads for all Norelco SpeedXL and SmartTouchXL Shaving Systems

Customer Reviews

The Norelco HQ9 replacement heads were so easy to replace I had done the job, including cleaning my whiskers out of the razor in just under 10 minutes! I am not very good with my hands so it was a big surprise. And when I shaved, WOW....major improvement!

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